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Traditional timber pallets Sydney were originally manufactured for companies who require regular movement of goods from one destination to another. They are still widely used but plastic pallets have become proffered option for the shipping industry. Plastic pallets are extremely confusing. Plastic pallets have many different options to consider regarding the size, weight, dimensions, styles, designs, and colours to suit your business use. The various variety of options is the primary reason the majority of businesses consider investing in plastic pallets. It is strongly recommended to do thorough research and contact a reputable pallet supplier who offers plastic pallets for sale that are ideal for use in a wide cross-section of industries. The following are some of the benefits of investing in plastic pallets over any other pallet type.


  • Organisation benefits

 Plastic pallets can be purchased in vast varieties of different colours. There are various warehouses and distribution centers that have optimised workflow, organisation and efficiency by using pallet colour coding for their potential benefit. Often, companies allocate certain pallet colours to shipment lanes, containers the goods should go in, warehouse placement and/or hazardous/non-hazardous goods.

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  • A plastic pallet for every shipment dimension

 One of the most prominent benefits of plastic pallets is that they can accommodate almost every shipment size. Unlike timber pallets which come in one size, plastic pallets are manufactured in a variety of different sizes.

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  • Environment-friendly

Another significant benefit of investing in plastic pallets is that they last longer than other pallet types, including timber pallets which reduces your overall material waste. Plastic pallet recycling is popular, decreasing the company’s disposal and landfill costs. Taking everything into consideration the above-stated points are some of the benefits of investing in plastic pallets over any other pallet type.

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