24 Jan

Palettes have become one of the most important necessities for all industrial facilities. They are used for storing, moving and lifting things the entire day, making them a vital piece of your organization's tasks. Today there is a cost-effective alternative to buying premium pallets, which is investing in reconditioned pallets or second-hand pallets. Buying second hand pallets for sale is an effective cost-cutting approach that is also environmentally friendly. However, before investing in second pallets, as a warehouse owner, it is important to have some insights into the pros and cons of second hand pallets.

Here are a few important pros and cons of budget-friendly second-hand warehouse pallets

Pros Of Reconditioned Pallets

  • If you want to save some money on the next round of pallets, used pallets are almost always cheaper than new pallets. You can reduce expenses without limiting the means of production, and as a result, increase the profit of the company.
  • Purchasing used pallets also helps protect the environment. Pallets make up the majority of all hardwoods consumed in Australia and every time you order a new set of pallets, the companies that make these pallets consume valuable resources such as water, fuel, wood and electricity. However, purchasing second-hand pallets greatly reduces the need for these resources.  You will likewise be giving these second-hand pallets an entirely different life, guaranteeing they don't wind up in the nearby landfill.

Cons Of Reconditioned Pallets

As with any second-hand item, buying a second-hand pallet carries risks. On one side you will be saving money but on the other side, there is always a risk that these can break after a while. This is because you don't know how long the pallet has been used or under what circumstances. Therefore it is important to ask the seller about every minor detail about reconditioned pallets. 

It's not a bad idea to test a pallet before trusting it. Put one of the heaviest loads on it and apply pressure to the pallet and make sure the pallet can hold itself. This helps avoid unexpected work accidents that can lead to disasters.

Another con of reconditioned pallets is that you need to first clean them before using them to make sure they are free of toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Pick up the hose and disinfectant and wipe off these second-hand pallets completely before using them for business. Do not touch unwashed pallets with bare hands as they may be contaminated.

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