03 Jun

Wooden pallets are used by many manufacturers for shipping and storage. Goods placed inside them are convenient for transferring from one location to another. The main reason why manufacturers prefer them is that they weigh  less compared to the weight of goods itself.

Why do they need to be recycled?

Wood is a natural resource and hence subject to decay and decomposition. Due to the different nature of goods being placed in pallets, they rot and eventually break. They are thus structurally unfit to be used as pallets and are discarded in a landfill. However the growing environmental consciousness has created a new avenue for these discarded products. They can now be subjected to recycling and converted into second hand pallets.

Pallet recycling is a process in which usable scraps from discarded ones are brought together to make a new one. Since they are not brand new, they are termed as used pallets. As the raw materials for making these are not expensive, they are made at a much lesser cost and many companies put these second hand pallets for sale.  They are then tested for safety and adherence to standards to ensure that even these used pallets are of good quality.

Environmentally conscious companies gain a lot of goodwill from the customers and hence many companies today opt for second hand pallets. Along with increase in the brand value, it saves them a lot of money. They can be reused thousands of times and are known to last for approximately 4 years.

This has been considered a viable business by many owing to readily available raw material and increasing demand. Overall there is a good outcome to this issue since recycling not only saves your company and costs but saves our planet as well.

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