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Pallets are used for the systematic arrangement and transportation of goods or items. Pallets can be of two types plastic or wooden. Wooden pallets tend to receive incredible damage during their lifetime. They are bound to get bumps, splinters and structural damage during routine transportation. But this doesn’t mean if a wooden pallet gets damaged, you don’t use it any longer. Several ways are adopted to repair wooden pallets and extend their lifetime. Thus, you don’t have to spend much money buying new ones. Reconditioned Pallets are not only budget-friendly but also environmentally friendly. Let’s look into the ways how to repair wooden pallets.

Evaluate The Damage 

Assessing the damage should be the foremost step in pallet repair. In a few cases, the structural damage reaches the advanced stage, so the only option left is recycling. If you have identified that the reason for the damage is minor splintering, loose parts or missing parts, you will most likely fix the pallet and use it further. Start doing the actual repair work.

Eliminate Damaged Materials

If you notice any protruding material on the pallet, such as nails or splintered wood, you should remove it first to avoid any hazard. Use a nail remover to take out protruding nails. Otherwise, they can cause bodily injury. If the wood gets rotten, remove the entire damaged piece and the nails.

Replace Damaged Materials 

If there is slight splintering of wood, you don’t have to replace the whole board. Taking out the splintered part will not affect the structural integrity of the board. If you wish to replace the entire board, ensure to replace it with a brand new piece after taking the proper measurements. No one wants to use the pallet with missing boards. Moreover, replace the missing materials and sand the complete pallet to eliminate old splinters or snags. Thus, it will enhance product safety.

Check Alignment 

Make sure to check the pieces of your pallet. The parts must be appropriately aligned and uniformly spaced. Misaligned wooden pallet pieces can lead to pallet damage or pallet structure failure. If you notice boards are in alignment, remove them and the nails. Ensure to re-nail them at the proper place. If you have pallets for repair in large quantities and can’t do the repair work on such a vast scale, find a pallet supplier. Abbey Pallets provide you with exceptional Pallet Delivery at economical rates.

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